Trendy Ceiling Paint Ideas

Of all the attention given to walls, floors, and even window trims, don’t you think that ceilings deserve some importance too? Beyond a random painting job, efforts must be taken towards the detailing and decorations of ceilings. If properly handled, ceilings can give a whole new perspective and sense of depth to the room. Depending on the colors and themes used on the ceilings, the entire mood and ambiance of the space will change. Ceilings play a key role in making a room appealing, refreshing, and energetic. 

In this article, we discuss ten trending ceiling paint ideas to make your room better!

1. Use Neutral Colors

You can always opt for neutral colors to paint the ceilings. The main advantage of using a neutral color is that it goes along with any other color easily– So, the ceiling will complement the walls and floors irrespective of their colors. There will be a perfect balance between the color and the contrast without it feeling too loud or overwhelming. 

2. Use Wallpapers

Recently wallpapers to replace ceiling paint have become a trend among interior designers. Themed wallpapers with colors and patterns that complement the rest of the room are widely used these days to decorate ceilings. The main advantage of using wallpapers is that costs can be considerably reduced when compared to a paint job. Also, you can update the ceilings easily by replacing the wallpapers. 

3. Use Beautiful Tray Ceilings

Like wallpapers, this is one of the popular trending ceiling ideas used by interior designers these days. Though tray ceilings are primarily used for hiding unsightly wires, plumbing, or ventilation, they can be used as great ceiling materials for lighting up the tone of the room. Interior designers recommend painting the tray ceilings with contrasting colors that will match the tone of your room. Once the job is done, your room will get a whole new look and feel. 

4. Contrasting Shades For Beams

If the ceilings have beams, then you can try painting them with contrasting shades. This will add a visual depth and give the space a premium look.

5. Use Mural Paintings

Ceiling Murals are one of the best ways to decorate your space. It makes the room beautiful and adds a touch of class. Painting murals on the ceilings can be time-consuming and expensive. Readymade murals are available for purchase and can be pasted to the ceilings. They are relatively cheap and can be replaced easily in the future. Custom-made murals, as well as replicas of famous mural paintings, are available in the market.

6. Use 3D decorations

Three-dimensional ceiling tiles or wallpapers are one of the hot-selling ceiling decorations on the market. The three-dimensional additives make the room more lively and engaging. The 3D spaces can act like cavities and can provide better acoustics to the room. Despite the demand for it, there are some disadvantages to using 3D decorations. They are expensive and not suitable for small rooms. Also, maintenance of the same can be difficult. 

7. Color The Entire Space With A Single Color

Though it sounds unconventional, this is a style followed by many interior designers these days. Using your favorite hue for ceilings, walls, and woodwork, the room can create a cozy space. A contrast in color can be brought by fabric and furniture. This kind of treatment is perfect with soft colors to create a refreshing and cool feeling. It’s not recommended to use warm colors as ceiling paint in this style.

8. Room for Natural Light

It is always good if the room can have ample access to natural light. In case you are confused about which treatment to give to your ceiling, then it’s better to choose a hue that complements the natural lighting of the room. If possible, allow space for natural lighting in your ceiling through a skylight.

9. Use Wood Ceilings

Wood Ceilings can make the room cozier and can regulate the temperature of the space naturally. Wood panels with the right combination of paints and pairing with the right furniture can add rustic, farmhouse, modern, or even a sophisticated look to your room. 
It is always recommended to consult with a professional interior designer to get an update on the latest ceiling paint trends in the market. Depending on room size, furniture, available fabric, and your favorite colors, a good interior designer can recommend a lot more cool ceiling paint ideas that will change the look and feel of your room.

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