Trendy Garden Rock Painting Ideas

Relaxing in your own garden can be as therapeutic as it gets for the lucky ones who have this luxury. Making your garden truly your own retreat, with flowers and shrubs of your favorite kind, with spots to rest in shade, or bask in the sun is a dream for many.  Adding your own unique touch with a bit of art and whimsy turns it into a welcoming and personalized space to spend many happy hours in. To keep that personalized theme going, more and more homeowners are on the lookout for trendy garden rock painting ideas. Placing bespoke painted stones or rock around the property can not only elevate the look of the property but also turn a boring garden into a dreamy hangout for the whole family.

A Fun Family D.I.Y. Project                          

Do you need a holiday diversion for the kids? Painted rocks might just be the idea. Painting on rocks, large or small, is a fun and absorbing activity and a low-cost way to add an attractive personal element to any garden. 
As a matter of fact, kids, as well as grownups, can find making their own memories by painting simple pictures on garden rocks to be relaxing fun on a summer afternoon. Frogs, raccoons, deer, ladybugs, daisies, and other woodland themes can be painted on rocks as large as a teapot or small as a strawberry and left to add a colorful touch to a path or flowerbed. Some could mark herb or vegetable patches or lead the way to a pond. The fun decor ideas are endless-- You may end up with some unique family mementos that will stay around the garden for years. You can all sign your name and date to remember when you painted the rock. Kids especially will love that! 
Writing your names on rocks: in a way that will last is simple. Use a sharpie or other permanent marker to write with. Spray it with a sealer before positioning it around a flower bed or leaving it by a koi pond. 
Fairy House Doors:
Dress up your garden beds with hand-painted objects that make you smile. Pretty little fairy house doors painted on rocks are a great way to adorn your gardens. Lean one against a tree and fuel the kids’ imagination for a flight of fancy.
Spooky Halloween Rocks:
For Halloween fun use glow-in-the-dark paint. Black painted rocks with glow-in-the-dark eyes, cats, owls, pumpkins, and frogs! Place a few of these illuminated stones in your yard at Halloween time. They will glow in darkness after sunset and add to a fun and eerie atmosphere.
One of these creations might even end up indoors as a doorstop or a paperweight and one might settle on a window sill or a bedside table as a pet rock!  

Why are garden rock painting ideas in such high demand?

This is a low-cost way to perk up any part of the garden, perhaps with a theme. Painted rocks make attractive markers for vegetable rows and pots. With white, black, and gray paint you can create a beautiful silhouette. A girl under the full moon, a flying bat, or a sailboat under the stars can add charm to a darker part of the garden. Rocks painted with mermaids, fish, turtles, and frogs go well with the ‘water’ theme in koi ponds. Painted shells can lie beneath the water while mermaid rocks can perch on the edge.

How to make painted rocks

Look for stones and largish pebbles with fairly smooth but not polished surfaces. You need some roughness so that the paints will better adhere to the surface. You may find suitable stones lying around a field or can even buy them in a craft store. 
Patio Paint is good to use in gardens, but acrylic tubes are really the best choice. A good sealant, either spray on or brush on with a flat medium brush will finish the job.

  • First, paint the larger parts of your outline picture, then let them dry before trying to paint on details. If you paint both sides, allow the paint to dry on the first side before painting the second side.
  • Paint the smaller areas. Layer your colors, add texture and paint the small details. You can also use a permanent marker for this. Use colors that have enough contrast so the artwork shows.

Finishing the Painted Rock: Put it somewhere safe to dry. Once you have painted everything, allow it to dry for one day to make sure every part of it has dried. Then seal it with at least two coats of sealant, drying thoroughly in between coats.

Why rock painting is relaxing and fulfilling 

Art keeps your mind focused, distracting it from stress and anxiety. Increased levels of serotonin, a feel-good neurochemical, as well as dopamine, are secreted in your body when a creative activity feels good. A healing sense of calm fills the body and brain.
Painting rocks can soothe your mind and allow it to heal, whether you choose intricate mandala patterns or doodles and alphabets, a cute little rock family of penguins, or Emojis. Your painted rock might be a daisy stepping stone in a garden. Or a penguin marking a flower bed, or a cat sitting near a garden seat to give you company. Or it could be a painted heart to give to a friend. However lovely it might be, remember to keep them around your own home and garden. 

While it’s okay to place painted rocks in your garden, never leave them in the wild. Enjoy your pretty rocks in your own garden and appropriate places, but the wilderness is the last bastion of unspoiled natural beauty and must remain pristine.
Nature must be undisturbed by human interference. Finding brightly painted rocks in a wild and forested place can shatter that sense of wildness that is so precious and rare in our world today. Painted rocks have found their way into places like the Adirondack Forest Preserve where pristine wilderness is what nature-lovers go to seek. 
Finding discarded plastic or carved messages on trees is always jarring. Nowadays crudely painted rocks are strewn around with no purpose and are eroding the timeless beauty of the wilderness. “Leave No Trace” is the protective rule that forbids any human meddling with these natural spaces.

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